Femist Reading on Poem

| May 11, 2014

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A coherent essay ,assuming the speaker is female.
Emily Dickinson
My life stood an empty gun-
In corners-til a day-
The owners Passed-identified-
And carried Me away-
And now we roam in Sovereign woods-
And now we hunt the doe-
and every time i speak for him-
the mountains straight reply-
And do i smile ,such cordial light-
Upon the valley glow-
Its is an Vesuvian face –
Had let the pleasure through
And when the night-our good day done-
I guard my masters head-
‘Tis better than the Eiders-duck’s
Deep pillow-to have shared
to foe of his – I’m deadly foe-
none stir the second time
on whom i lay a yellow eye-
or an emphatic thumb
though i than he-may longer live
he longer must-than i
for i have but the power to kill-
without-the power to die..
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Nominalist And Realist


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