Feminism 1

| July 10, 2016

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The are three papers to write on




Marriage Traditions


What do you think of the following traditions surrounding marriage that still exist in many heterosexual marriages in this country today? Look around on the internet to see if you can find the origin for at least 5 of them. Were the origins different from what you thought originally? How do you think these traditions relate to socially-constructed ideas about gender roles? As with all discussions, make sure to cite your sources.


Marriage Traditions


The man asking for a father’s “permission” to take the daughter’s hand in marriage

An engagement ring for the woman only

Size/price of engagement ring being important

The veil worn by the bride

The bride wearing white

The father “giving away” the bride

The woman changing her last name

The woman being addressed as Mrs. X or mail being addressed to Mr. and Mrs. X

The children having the father’s last name

Expectations for housework/ roles in the marriage








Kinsey Report


The main finding of Kinsey’s study was that human sexuality is more variant than many people realize or choose to admit publicly. After reading about his biography, his research, his methodology, and the Kinsey Scale, post your reaction in the discussion forum. Was there anything new you learned? Anything surprising or enlightening? What were some of the limitations of his research? How was his research revolutionary?


PAPER 3( 1 1/2 PAGE)


Read through the Heterosexual Questionnaire on your own. This is a pre-writing activity.




Then, write and submit a response (minimum 350 words) addressing who you think the intended audience is for this questionnaire, what myths or stereotypes it is trying to address, and what message it may be trying to convey. Also, include what you think Kinsey would say about this Questionnaire.


When using quotes paraphrases from any of the readings, be sure to include a citation. You are NOT permitted to use any sources outside of this module. This means that you cannot do a Google search or use Wikipedia. All of the materials you need to complete this assignment are in the module. Any evidence of using materials outside of the module (like doing a Google search or using Wikipedia) will result in a failing grade for this assignment.


As with all essays, you should organize your response into paragraphs, make sure you follow capitalization rules, and spell check the document.

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