| October 19, 2015

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The work, the hospital and its workers,do determine people’s health and lives. Hospital staff undergo rigorous training due to the sensitivity of their work where errors can lead to fatalities or lifetime disabilities. There are established rules, policies and guidelines that are used to ensure that there are minimal or no errors committed by medical practitioners. The Nurse Practice Act is used to regulate the conduct and the registration of nurses by spelling out the course of action in cases of misconduct (Eisenberg, 2010). The Standards of Care are also used to pursue legal action against a healthcare worker for negligence (Milstead, 2016).
In the case of wrongful death by Howard Carpenter on behalf of his deceased wife Wilma Carpenter, there were instances where the medical practitioners involved did not observe the Standards of Care. The LPN Joseph Alsoff, and the RN Kelly, disagreed in their reports on events that led to the patient’s death. They also did not observe proper record keeping and charting to prove their claims concerning the death of Mrs. Carpenter. The LPN Joseph also did not recall Dr. Washington mentioning that death would be a result of the surgery. This means that the doctor did not fully disclose the necessary information in the consent or that Joseph was not in the right state to participate as a witness. The hospital also made a mistake of not ensuring the vital signs taken in the recovery unit were charted and taken to other divisions when the patient was being shifted.
In the court of law, the Standards of Care would be applied by comparing the situation in the hospital with another situation where standards were observed with the help of expert witnesses, in this case, medical practitioners. They would be used to prove if there was misconduct from the hospital, physician, and the caregivers who were in charge (Kessler, 2011). In the courtroom, the Nurse Practice Act would be used to prove any wrongdoing committed by the nursing officers and to prescribe a form of punishment (Eisenberg, 2010).

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