Federal Financial Management

| January 30, 2017


SELECT a Federal Agency of Interest. If you are interested in DOD, select a subset of DOD. Tell us who you selected and why. In the Federal Agency Budget Conference, post the name of your Federal Agency for approval along with comments on your interest in this Federal Agency.

(My Response)

I would like to go with Department of Homeland Security. I selected Department of Homeland Security do to the fact that I currently work for NPPD/FPS. It would be helpfully to understand more about their budget.

(Professor Response)

Thanks for the note. DHS has a very large budget and many valuable missions.  I look forward to your research. 


3 Project Descriptions


All projects are to be submitted as single-spaced/ double-spaced between paragraphs. All citations,page layouts and bibliography/ reference lists must follow APA-style guidance.

  1. Department or Agency Budget Submission

You are required to prepare a budget submission for a federal department or agency. You will research and select a federal department or agency, review previous budget submissions and appropriations, and prepare a budget submission for the current budget cycle, complete with appropriate justifications. The finished budget proposal is to be submitted via the assignments section of the course menu.

  1. Audit Finding: Plan of Action

You will prepare and present a plan of action in response to an actual audit finding for a selected federal department or agency. The plan of action should be three to five pages in length and should reference the original finding. The finished plan of action is to be submitted via the assignments section of the course menu.

  1. Paper of Detecting and Responding to Findings of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

You will prepare a two-page paper on a recent instance of federal fraud, waste, or abuse. The paper should be based on research of a federal department or agency and how a current instance of fraud, waste, or abuse was detected and addressed by that department or agency. The finished paper is to be submitted via the assignments section of the course menu.


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