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| February 14, 2014

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Discuss your three favorite readings in detail (a paragraph each). Explain why they were your favorite. Next, discuss your three least favorite readings (a paragraph each). Explain why they were your least favorite. Your paper should conform to MLA formatting. You should use first person "I" in your discussion.I have selected the three readings I liked and the three that I did not. The three stories that o -heaI liked where ? How TO TELL A STORY?- MARK TWAIN, MENDING WALL-Robert frost, Ernest Hemingway, Big two harted river part 1 and 2.
The reading that I disliked are Eugune O?neil- The Harry ape, John Cheever, the Wrysons and Joyce carol oates Where are you going
I will upload the PDF file which has all of the above mentioned stories.
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