Fast Food Nation

| July 22, 2016

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For this assignment, you will be writing an evaluation of Fast Food Nation. This will require you to read the book closely and make clear, well-reasoned, well-supported judgments about it


Keep these questions in mind while writing.

After reading FFN, what do you think of the food industry?


How has your knowledge about what you are eating changed?


How have your feelings about what you are eating changed? Do you think of burgers, for instance, the same way?


In an ideal world, what kind of changes would you make to the industry? to the food? to the way people are treated? to the way animals are treated?


Rhetorical effectiveness:


Take a look at your answers to the above questions. Considering your reactions do you think the book has accomplished something? perhaps a raising of awareness?

In your own words, state what it has accomplished?

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