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| May 20, 2015

writing style : report research and analyse information /Ielts skill 5-5.5 simply vocabulary .
Choose research topic about Fashion Industry analysis
1. source consists of
a. Desk < kind of materiel
b. Management theory and practice
c. Specific to fashion and Luxury
d. Field: integrating the findings into the research
2. General Segmentation, particularly by price/creativity ( use a pyramid of price and creativity Ex.couteau , ready to wear , diffusion ,mass ) specific on ready to wear and diffusion section.. how the both kind of product market themselves? how different of both marketing?
3.Select and Describe ready to wear and diffusion. for both, identity
( you can use the example: choose 1 wear to wear brand and 1 diffusion brand to compare how different of both kinds )
a.Buyer’s needs/want < who’s the buyer and what they want
b.Product < brand power/ brand identity
c.competitors < compare to the old research who have done before
d. Key success factors
B. analysis of the two industry segments by applying, at least:
1. Porter 5-forces model, to identity the attractiveness of each industry segment. Each force must be evaluated by using the factors listed by Porter, and an indication of the strength given. An overall judgement of the attractiveness of segment should be given and an indication of the main relevant factors. << identify both positions wear to wear and diffusion have a strong, weak or medium power in fashion industry.
2. PESTEL framework, to identify the drivers in the micro-environment that are likely to alter the forces for competition identified under 1. (the first question)

C. identify and explain the opportunities and Threats pertaining to either or both the industry segments under analysis. ( dont mention SWOT)

D. A coherent argument should lead to the identification of the Opportunities and Threats.



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