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| June 19, 2015


Fashion Design;why did men stop wearing high heels and it belongs to women.





DCC Level 1 Project Brief: Essay

Your project brief is to research, structure, write and design a 2,000 word illustrated essay based upon your chosen theme, developed from one of your poster presentations.

Your essay should include analysis of carefully chosen examples of fashion, textiles, knitwear, accessories and/or other media from art and design, appropriate to your theme, and should be illustrated with high quality images. You should use relevant quotations from high quality sources to help support and develop your ideas. Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of the wider cultural context (such as showing awareness of modernism/postmodernism) and its impact upon design culture. You should also show some awareness of how your research relates to your practice. This can be lateral and creative if the connection is not direct/obvious. You should include examples of your own design work and process where relevant.

You must include figure headings for all images, citations for all quotations, a List of Illustrations, List of Citations and full Bibliography using Harvard style referencing. [See the DCC handbook and example sheet for guidance]

Please submit your essay between 9:00am–12.30pm on Monday 13th April 2015 to the Subject Coordinators Office, which is Bonington 121.


Project Checklist:

* Cover image & title [+ your name, tutor’s name, module code, year, course]

* Include a word count [must be 2,000 words +/- 10%]

* Indent quotations of about 2 lines or longer

* Number of images [as many as appropriate, 8-12 as average]

* Include a written figure heading for every image

* Include a citation of source for every quotation

* Design your essay presentation and layout with your topic theme in mind

* Make connections to your design practice [include your own work where relevant]

* Text/typography [1.5 line spacing; typography chosen as part of your design]

* Spiral binding [to lie flat and open]

* Include page numbers

* List of Illustrations, List of Citations and full Bibliography [Harvard style referencing]

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