Fashion and Retail Management

| January 22, 2015

You are a floor manager for the men’s apparel section in a popular retail garment store in Cleveland, OH. Your supervisor informs you that the Casual Days clothing line you have is not meeting its sales targets. To improve sales, your store plans to launch a new “Casual Friday” clothing line, a collection of khaki pants and polo shirts. You’ve learned that your designer plans to make this line different and effective through the use of bright color schemes—fuchsia, canary yellow, and chartreuse to name a few. The pants design is standard belt loops, two side pockets, and no pleats. Traditional back pockets will be eliminated completely. To ensure that the new line is successful, your job is to research current economic and industry trends and make a recommendation on the new Casual Friday clothing line.

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Assignment 2: Influences of Family Dynamics on Childhood—Self Review

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