| May 19, 2015

Java Assignment

A program for family relationships

• Manage data about individual people
Name, gender, mother, father, …

• Construct a family tree

As individual people are entered, they should become part of a larger datastructure that represents the family tree: parent-child connections

• Answer questions about family relationships

Who are Franz’s grandparents?
Who are Maria’s uncles?
Who are Heidi’s cousins?
• Iterative approach
Step-by-step implementation
Add more functionality with each iteration (see next slide)
At each step: Your program should always work!

Adding Features

• Add the ability to create, edit and delete people (required)
• Add more complex relationships (at least two are required)
Grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, …
• Improve the GUI
• Improve the internal data representation
• More attributes on people, for example, “spouse”
• Complex families: Half-siblings, step-parents, etc
• One A4 page describing the features of this program
• Source code for all classes – the package from your workspace

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