Family Nursing Diagnoses (Part 2 of the Programmatic Assessment)

| October 30, 2015

Foundational information regarding assignment: Conducting a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your family provides you information related specifically to the family. This assessment information, along with the Windshield Survey, prepares you to create a unique and important plan for the family, as well as determine family diagnoses.
Write a 1,500- to 2,000-word paper in which you complete the following:
•Summarize the findings of the family assessment.
•Discuss how Watson’s theory of human caring influences clinical thought and action in community and public health nursing.
•Identify 3 prioritized family nursing diagnoses for the participating family based on the completed Family Assessment.
•Link each diagnosis to a Healthy People 2020 LHI.
•Create potential interventions related to each diagnosis. These must incorporate information from the Community Assessment, Windshield Survey, and current research.
•Explain 3 – 5 legal and ethical considerations with the potential solutions or actions.
•Describe how you plan to advocate for the family within their community and involve the family members in becoming partners in their own health.
•Explain how the family’s health may be affected by family structure and roles.
•Identify family values that may be different from your own values and how this may affect the interventions.
•Compile a list of topics and resources for the family’s health education needs, and explain why these resources were chosen.
Note. Remove all personally identifying information such as the family members’ names. Refer to family members by initials only.
Include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed resources, and create an APA-formatted reference page.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Ethical Response


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