Family life education forum responses 150 each and cited

| September 19, 2016

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The three basic types of evaluation in Family Life Education is the assessing needs and assets evaluation which is the most important stage of the evaluation because involves identifying a plan as to what will be needed in order to reach the goal or program to be set in place after the evaluation is completed. The evaluation is a process vice an event; the formative evaluation generates information with the purpose to plan, monitor, and improve programs which is also referred to as process evaluations. Formative evaluations describe a program and provide feedback as to how the program is working by using surveys midway through the program in order to view if the program is working and to identify if the information needs to be retaught or reinforced and the summative evaluation sometimes referred to as the outcome evaluation which is viewing the end result of a program such as how is the program working; are the goals being met and if not determining if the program should be expanded, copied or removed. (Darling, Cassidy, & Powell, 2014, pp. 155-156). Basically establishing a programs worth by focusing on the outcome.
The formative assessment goal is to gather feedback that can be used by the family life educator as a guide improvements in the ongoing teaching and learning context. Summative assessment is to measure the level of success that has been obtained after improvements have been identified and used. (Author unknown, 2016).
The program I will use as an example would be marriage enrichment program. The program will meet twice a month, biweekly for 2 hours, and for one year. Initially using the needs and assets assessing evaluation I would complete a mini study on who my target audience would be (how many married couples are in the area – identify my target audience), what resources are available such as are there churches offering martial counseling or retreats that perhaps I could partner with or expand on what is being done already also ensuring if there is a need for this program and will the community support this program.
Once the program is established I would introduce the formative evaluation stage by submitting surveys for the participants’ midway through the program to ensure there aren’t any problems that may hinder the participants’ participation in the program such as work hours or babysitting issues, material to vague, material to overwhelming, or class too condensed to cover the amount of material submitted. The main goal being that everyone leaves the program with a better understanding on how to have a successful marriage.
The summative evaluation will be the participants completing an interview to determine if the information provided to them will assist them in their marriage relationship. Do you feel closer as a couple? How will they incorporate some of the ideas/suggestions in their lives? I would use the information gathered through the interviews to view if any improvements are needed for future programs. The main objective being stronger marriages incorporate stronger families in our community which will alleviate numerous social problems we face in our community.

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