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| December 14, 2015

In Florida, is a delinquency letter indeed recognized as a formal Intent to Foreclose?

I live in Florida am current on mortgage, but, due to an unemployment period am behind on HOA fees. HOA attorneys sent me a notice of delinquency/recorded lien on July 27 (by cert mail). It states … lien has been recorded…fees should be paid in (45 days) from this letter,we may file suit for foreclosure of this Claim of Lien and Damages. But does not anywhere state an intent to foreclose. On Sept. 28, they sent a second letter Final Demand(not cert) requesting the payment be made by Oct. 8 where they state an intent to foreclose. From my understanding Florida requires 45 days notice before foreclosure can be filed. I have a check for the amount requested today Nov. 6 and attorney is saying its too late and I have to pay for the filing of the foreclosure because they already submitted it. Is this true, or am I still in the 45 days window?

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foreclosure law
foreclosure law

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