family law

| December 14, 2015

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Hi my name is Hannah. I have two children ages 4 and 5 from a previous marriage. Or divorce and custody case was in the Texas courts. But the judge allowed for me and my children to stay in the state of Colorado. We have lived here for almost 6 years. He filed for the divorce in Texas hoping to force us back to Texas but due to his family violence the judge let us stay in Colorado. I am trying to move the jurisdiction to Colorado since this is the kids home state, my youngest was even born here and my oldest only lived in Texas for the first few months of his life. Now the father has filed a motion for custody in order to force jurisdiction to stay in Texas. I am wondering if someone could explain the Texas jurisdiction law to me. I know in Colorado even if one parent still lives here if the other parent and the children have been gone for 18 months the courts will refuse to hear any custody issues. Is Texas the same?

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family law
family law

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