Family Involvement and how it impacts Academic Achievement

| January 13, 2015

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his is the assignment.
Write a five to eight page literature review related to your research question or thesis statement. Your textbook (McMillan, 2012) includes an excellent definition of, and step-by-step instructions for, writing a literature review in Chapter Three. Use the following instructions to complete your literature review.
1. In addition to the research articles you found earlier this week, locate and use two to five additional sources related to your research question or thesis statement.
2. Analyze the literature and write a scholarly review of the five to eight sources as they pertain to your question/statement.
3. Use the Sample Literature Review and the APA Checklist as guidelines for your writing. The Sample Literature Review is a full review from a thesis paper. For this assignment, your literature review only needs to be five to eight pages (double-spaced, 12 point, APA format). You will expand on this review in your M.Ed. capstone research course.
4. Use the Literature Review Template to write your literature review.
5. Include a reference page with proper APA style and formatting.
Please refer the Sample Paper with APA Formatting (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab, 2014) if you need additional help in ensuring that your paper follows APA formatting and style.
6. Submit the paper to Turn It In and make any corrections that are required before uploading your paper to Blackboard.
References ( These are some that I’ve been using for previous Assignments but if you have additional related to this assignment that’s ok)
Educational Research: Fundamentals for the Consumer (McMillan, 2012)
Chapter 3, pages 57 – 78
Mulvaney, M. K., & Morrissey, R. A. (2012). Parenting beliefs and academic achievement across African-American and Caucasian family contexts. Early Child Development & Care, 182(9), 1105-1124. doi:10.1080/03004430.2011.582950
Hands, C. (2013). Including All Families in Education: School District-Level Efforts to Promote Parent Engagement in Ontario, Canada. Teaching Education, 24(2), 134-149
Souto-Manning, M. (2010). Family Involvement: Challenges to Consider, Strengths to Build On. Young Children, 65(2), 82-88.
This is feedback from my instructor: Your research question is starting to come along! Your question is sufficiently narrowed down and you have defined success in terms of what you will be looking for. Try to make sure you are focused on finding peer reviewed research for the strategies you are looking to implement. You want to make sure the study plan you design has backing in already published research. For example, will you be doing a correlative study? Or will your study be experimental? Will you be focusing more on qualitative data or will you be more concerned with quantitative (in the form of the survey/post test scores)? You will also need to explain why you’ve chosen the data collection methods you decide on. The best way to decide on how you want to design your study and strategies you think would work best is to see what is out there. How did other researchers conduct this same type of study? Also be sure you are considering to allow enough time to analyze the sources you are collecting when you write the research up.
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