Family Health Assessment

| March 22, 2015

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i) Select your family or a family of your choice to complete a family assessment. ii) Before interviewing the family, develop open-ended, family-focused questions for each of the 11 functional health patterns: Values, health perception, nutrition, sleep/rest, elimination, activity/exercise, cognitive/perception, self-perception, role relationship, sexuality, and coping. iii) After interviewing the family, compile the data and write a 1000-1250 word paper analyzing the family assessment. Include the following: (1) Briefly summarize the findings for each functional health pattern for your family. (2) Record two or more wellness and family nursing diagnoses that you identified about your family based on your assessment. (3) Record family health promotion strategies along with community and web-based resources that will enable you to support or fulfill your wellness diagnoses. (4) How did using the systems theory guide (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, chap. 7) you in assessing your family? iv) Refer to Family Health Assessment Grading Rubric v) Use standard paper format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section. Also use standard APA style for the references vi) Here are some references to work with: Edelman, C., & Mandle, C. L. (2006). Health promotion throughout the life span (6th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. Ejaz, F., Straker, J., & Swami, S. (2003). Developing a satisfaction survey for families of Ohio’s nursing home residents. The Gerontologists, 43(4), 447-458. Gordon, M. (1994). Nursing diagnosis: Process and application (3rd ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. University of North Texas. (n.d.). Center for parent education. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Vetere, A. (2001). Structural family therapy. Child Psychology and Psychiatry Review, 6(3), 133-139.
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