Family Genogram and Autobiography

| June 22, 2015
  1. The purpose of this paper is to promote self-awareness so that students will be able to work ethically with their future clients. It will provide you with an opportunity to explore family systems theory within your own family of origin and apply a specific theory to the dynamics within it. You will complete and read the “Family Genogram Workbook” (2006) and apply your findings here. I will upload my family genogram I want you to use Bowen’s theory  There are 2 parts to this assignment:
    1. Part A: The first part of your assignment will be a 5-7 page paper (APA style) in which you cover the following topics:

i.     Share your family history. Start with your earliest memory and develop specific, key experiences and situations that shaped your family of origin into the dynamic system it is today.

Note to writer: you can choose any thing here as long as you follow the genogram I uoad for u

ii.     Use the “20 Questions” in the Workbook to develop your family history, relate which events you have struggled with and wish could have been different.

  1. Part B: In addition to the above paper, you will also complete a second section of 3-4 (APA Style) pages in which you will choose one of the family systems theory discussed in the course and use it to cover the following:


i.     A basic outline of the theory concepts, goals and methods.

ii.     How does your family of origin fit into this theory?

iii.     A discussion of how this approach integrates with a Christian perspective.  Be specific in your conceptualization, discussing how you feel this theory aligns with Biblical principles, and areas that it may agree or disagree with a Christian perspective.

iv.     A discussion of the awareness you have gained after completing this exercise and how it will influence future therapeutic contexts (positive and negative).


Your final product should include both parts A and B.  The assignment should adhere to APA format, which includes a title page and a references page.  Please note: the title and references pages do NOT count in the minimum page requirement for Part A.

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