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You are a social worker employed by a community mental health center that specializes in family-based treatment. You will be using your movie selection (Stepmom movie which is a 1998 tear-jerker directed by Chris Columbus and starring Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and Ed Harris) to obtain information about the featured child and family to obtain information for your assessment and treatment plan. When there is more than one child in a family, pick only one child. Your identified client should be the child, but you need to include the family in your assessment and, in the next assignment, your treatment plan. You will have to take a bit of poetic license about any of the family members as you like, but try not to make up too much information…use the information in the movie. You will observe the family then prepare a multi-dimensional assessment report. It is required that you use the grading matrix framework found below in the grading matrix. Important criteria include: Multidimensionality, support for inferences, and practitioner impressions, etc.
Exam 1. Grading Matrix
(1) Specification of problem
(2) Client Motivation
(3) Client Resources (strengths)
(4) Interpersonal functioning
(5) Intrapersonal functioning
(6) Ethnic/Cultural/Gender
(7) Developmental considerations
I. Inferences and Impressions
(8) Supported by evidence (documentation)
(9) Practitioners’ impressions, including initial problems targeted for treatment, but not the treatments yet (that comes in Exam 2).
(10) Suggested measurement of problems (one qualitative & one quantitative)
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Conduct a non-invasive breaching experiment in which you attempt to validate the existence of a particular norm by violating it.
Critically discuss how childhood and youth research builds on a series of values, beliefs and images about children and young people.


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