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| February 18, 2014

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First develop your family from our readings and/or your experience. For this Case Study you will have one enrolled adult and one child receiving services. There may be other family member you want to talk about to provide a context.
Primary adult (name him or her).?ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, primary language, poverty level, educational level (check special needs (e.g. deaf, learning disability), work status or history, special situation (abusive partner, living with parents, happily married, retired), residence (farm, subsidized housing, trailer, with parents), educational goals (GED, military, postsecondary), work goals (carpenter, stay at home, licensed nurse, truck driver, goals for family, hopes and dreams. Create a family that we can both empathize with, hope for and plan for. However, do not use a deficit model (?Oh poor family. They need us to ?fix? them?. )
Primary Child (name him or her)?gender, age, special need or talents, on target developmentally. Number of siblings and their ages. Education received or planned.
PROGRAM SERVICES: (During the course, you may well want to augment this).
Give it a name. Rural How many families does it serve? How many staff? Fulltime? Part-time? Do you use volunteers? How many and in what capacity. What does your program offer? Who are your primary families?
> White./Caucasian
> Latino
> Immigrant
> Migrant
> Native American
> African American
> Rural
>or Adults, what do you provide and what do partners provide?
> Adult Basic Education
Where are you located? A community center
Describe the program and its setting so that we have a good feel for what it looks like. If you find a photo or video that captures the essence of the setting, please include it.
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