Falls Risk Assessment – Annotated bibliography

| March 21, 2015
Falls Risk Assessment – Annotated bibliography
Select 6 research articles that specifically examine the reliability and validity of the clinical assessment tool.
› Use an annotated bibliography to evaluate the research literature related to the assessment tool
› Each research article annotation must contain the following: – the full bibliographic citation – an overview of the research – the
research methods
– The reliability findings of the clinical assessment tool – the validity findings of the clinical assessment tool – the strengths of
the research article – the limitations of the research article
– Conclusions made by the article author/s about the tools use fullness for practice.
› A template for the annotated bibliography can be found on the eLearning site. Each annotation should be no more than 250 words.
Critique section – 1000 words
› Develop a critique of the evidence in the 6 selected articles for the usefulness of the clinical assessment tool for assessing the
clinical patient population where you work.
› Draw upon other research articles and provide a summary of the effectiveness of the clinical assessment tool to your patient
› Include the patient assessment tool as an appendix.
› Include a word count on the last page of the critique section
› Neither in-text references nor the reference list are included in your word count.
› Resources have been specifically developed to assist students in completing this assignment..
– Criteria sheet will be uploaded and STRICTLY to be followed

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