Fall 2015 PSYB07 Assignment

| September 29, 2016

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Fall 2015 PSYB07 Assignment
Fall 2015 PSYB07 Assignment Professor Ian was interested in investigating if students’ test scores differed based on the time of day his lectures were being held. He selected a sample of 15 students from his morning (n = 7) and evening (n = 8) Psychology classes and recorded their midterm and final exam scores as shown below. 1. He was interested in examining whether students performed better in the morning compared to evening classes on their final exam scores. Does the data support Ian’s hypothesis? [30 points] 2. Professor Michaela, a colleague of Ian’s, suggested that ‘exam type’ (Midterm vs. Final) might also be a factor in exam performance. Specifically, she predicted students attending the morning class would perform worse on the on the final exam compared to the midterm. Does the data support Michaela’s hypothesis? [30 points] 3. The two professors predicted that there would be a positive relationship between the midterm and final exam grades for the evening class. Was there evidence to support this prediction? [30 points] 4. Finally, using your midterm mark, what would Ian & Michaela predict your final exam mark to be if you were enrolled in the evening class? (*** BTW: this is not an accurate reflection of your final grade! You will do MUCH better 😉 [10 points] Bonus: Based on all of the above findings, how might Ian & Michaela change (or keep the same) their courses next term? Why? Notes: ü Please make sure you have an assignment title page where you write your name, student number, and tutorial info (staple ALL pages together). ü Be sure to write the hypotheses, assumptions, and conclusions for each test conducted and show all of your work – including all the necessary steps (with formulas as well as any figures/graphs needed) in order to receive full credit. Good Luck! Morning Evening Midterm Final
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