Faith integrated discussion

| May 20, 2015

Reflecting on your knowledge from previous experiences or courses in this graduate program, what can be done as a Christian healthcare administrator to encourage a culture of safety in a healthcare organization? Cite your sources.

Based on the Wagner, et. al article, is it fair to say the USA has a more developed safety culture than Taiwan or the Netherlands? Justify your answer.

How important are the culture and cultural mores’ in patient safety and health care? Think beyond the US…. Cite an example of a problematic situation and the role of culture. If you were in this organization as a mission worker or perhaps a consultant from a Christian development or relief organization, what would you need to do to address it?

Provide (in a minimum of three paragraphs) your opinion as to the accuracy and legitimacy of the information in the article. Use at least one outside source (beyond the article itself) and/or your own personal experience to justify this opinion. Accurate APA style and format is used.

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