| July 24, 2015

Module 7 Discussion Assignment


Social Movements


To prepare for the Social Movements Discussion in Module 7 you will need to do some research to develop your post.



TOPIC for the discussion:  FAIR TRADE SOCIAL MOVEMENT –answer every question. Thank you



1) Identify the problems, issues, instability in social order, inequality, conflict, etc. that led to the development of the movement.


2Describe the movement (when, where, who, etc.).


 Discuss how the movement was organized (i.e., grassroots, institutional, political, was there an organized approach to recruiting participants, etc.)


 Who funded the movement?


 Which theoretical perspective is/was it based upon?


 Describe and evaluate the effects the movement had/still has on the problems and issues it was designed to address and how the movement effect US economy and politics.



Follow these guidelines


Sources to use mandatory—APA citations-







 APA style formatting and citations


 your response should be between 350-400 words, thus you will need to plan your post carefully. More is not necessarily better – a concise, coherent and scholarly response is key


 Provide appropriate citations and references



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