Failure Mode Avoidance- How to design and avoid failure

| February 28, 2014

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For this assignment the student is required to research into a particular area relating to the subject of durability and reliability. This can be any appropriate area relating to the subject (some areas are highlighted below but this is not an exhaustive list) and should be in the form of a literature review and critical evaluation. The aim should be to give a review of the subject in terms of theories, techniques and case studies where possible. The application of the subject is open to the student e.g. automotive, agricultural, rail, manufacturing etc. The student should focus on one particular area to give the required depth of review rather than giving an overall view of the subject.
• Failure Mode Avoidance – how to design and avoid failure
• title: (( Failure Mode Avoidance – how to design and avoid failure))
• The word limit for this essay is 3,000 words.
see attached file
Referencing Requirements:
– have to use coventry university Harvard style. (see attached file)
– have to use mixed references .
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