Faculty of Information Technology

| June 19, 2015

Faculty of Information Technology
Semester 2, 2012
FIT5150 Project Management as Knowledge Based Practice
Assignment: Critical Essay

Submission:    Please submit your essay in a hardcopy to your tutor. DE students can submit their essay as an email attachment (either .doc or .pdf) to the Teaching Assistant

Value:    The essay is worth 50% of total marks for the unit.

The assignment is designed to demonstrate your
•    understanding and knowledge of the core principles of project management practice
•    understanding of the role of formal and informal processes in project management
•    understanding the human dimension of project management practice
•    analytical skills to assimilate and use diverse reference material
•    ability to reflect on and apply project management principles
Write an essay that explores the theme of the unit “Project management as knowledge based practice”. The essay IS a critical review of a published journal article


1.    The essay should reflect some aspect of the theme “Project management as knowledge based practice”. It is up to you what aspects, issues or arguments you put forward but they must be relevant to the project management discipline and grounded in current literature.

2.    The essay is an academic paper and all claims and assertions must be adequately substantiated with appropriate evidence. You are expected to use other literature and references, preferably from current journal papers, to substantiate your argument in the review. All references must be appropriately cited and referenced. The essay must be relevant academically and where appropriate indicate implications for practice.

The most important aspect of the essay is that it must reflect your own thinking and understanding of project management. Please be aware of the plagiarism and collusion policies established by FIT and Monash University.

Your essay must contain at least:
•    An assignment cover sheet
•    An introduction indicating the objective, focus and direction of the essay
•    The body of the essay that develops the argument
•    The conclusions that flow from your argument
•    Full citations in the text of the paper to all references you have used to guide your analysis, and a bibliography.
NOTE: Make sure that you comply with academic requirements relating to citation of all your sources. Your references must adhere to citation and referencing style standards.

A detailed assessment guide will be available on the Unit website.

The assessment criteria will be based on
•    Originality of argument
•    Clarity of the argument and its development
•    Ability to synthesise and reflect on relevant issues in project management
•    Depth and breadth of discussion
•    Use of current literature to support the argument
•    Relevance of references
•    Layout, structure, spelling, etc. and adherence to style guides
•    Adherence to citation and reference standards

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