Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – EMDR and Early Childhood Trauma

| May 24, 2014

Evaluating the Evidence for an Intervention:
a. Research Evaluation Paper: Choose a specific diagnosis of mental illness (DSM IV-TR) to research and evaluate evidenced based treatments and interventions. Identify a specific intervention and demonstrate through examination of research the essential principles of providing this intervention, how it may be beneficial to the specific population, effective outcomes, and how it reflects quality mental health practices. Write a 4 page paper that addresses the following questions / points: description of the intervention, goals/ targets/ desired outcomes of this intervention, and nature of all the evidence supporting the intervention. It is important to discuss potential areas of further research which may enhance its level of empirical support or to demonstrate its effectiveness with key populations. You may utilize research from course material and are expected to use 3 additional outside references, literature and research beyond the course syllabus.

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Your assignment will focus on the question of whether the law, or legal rules, should take into account “equity” (or “distributional”) problems that might exist in society.
You are a 30-year-old Native American living on a reservation, please discuss your life. For example, what is your economic status, education, spiritual belief and political affiliation? What has been your experience with discrimination?

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