| May 29, 2014

Parties: Who is the plaintiff?
Who is the defendant?

Legal Is the litigation civil or criminal?
Proceedings: What remedies are sought?
What is the result in the trial court?
and/or the appellate court,

Facts: What happened? Briefly state the facts relevant to the decision.

Provision: What rules of law are applicable?

Issues: What issue(s) is/are presented for decision? (The answer to this will give insights into the real issues involved.)

Decision: What are the decisions? Who won, and what did he/she win?

Rule of
the case: What general rule does the case lay down?

Reasons: What reason does the court give to justify its decision?

Concurring &
Opinions: Are there concurring or dissenting opinions, what do they say? If none; N/A.

Terminology: What key legal terms were used and what do they mean?

Relationship: 1. What problems or advantages does this present for the Safety Professional?
2..What implications does this present for the Safety Professional?

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Visit at least one web site (i.e., www.cmrg.com) on the Internet to explore the resources available to case managers. Select the special population you have chosen for your individual paper (see exercise below) and locate a variety of resources for that clientele in the local area.
Term Paper: Do Egyptian temples epitomize ancient Egyptian culture? Give examples of different types of temples and discuss!

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