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| January 10, 2015

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This is a level of Grade 12 expository essay
(250-350 words, 2 pages, double-spaced)
1.Using one of the theories on the “Applying Theory” hand-out, apply it to ” the most dangerous game”
2.Use standard essay format: introduction, 3 areas of focus and a conclusion.
3.Essay must be typed in standard size 12 font and adhere to the level of academic excellence in composition expected at this level
suggestions for tackling essay:
once you choose the literary theory, narrow your examination to 3 characteristics for exposition
apply the theory to each characteristic of the text
your introduction can be direct (a brief overview of theory) or indirect (brief synopsis of chosen text) followed by a solid thesis.
direct evidence(QUOTES) are needed. Each paragraph must have minimum three!
Applying Theory
2.Archetypal theory
3.feminist theory
4.Marxist theory
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