explains how the Electoral College works

| May 17, 2017

Do not use Wikipedia–if you do you will receive zero points.

Respond inline to:

In your own words, write an essay (of around 1000 words) that explains how the Electoral College works. More importantly, analyze how the Electoral College itself shapes the campaigning strategy and tactics of presidential candidates.

Paper Writing Guide

Here’s a writing guide that I’ve developed over the years that should help you plan and implement a successful project. Keep in touch and good luck!

Referring to this guide will help you plan and execute a successful research project. For stylistic issues (footnoting, bibliography, etc.) please refer to any of the major college-writing guides. The bookstore has several writing guides available for purchase.

II. The Writing Stages

c. The Introduction. Most students slight this aspect. They shouldn’t, as an introduction lays out the where, why, and how questions that you will be addressing throughout the paper. An introduction should be far more than just a regurgitation of the main questions that you have been assigned. In essence, a fully developed introduction acts as a formalized conceptual road map for the reader, much as the outline serves as your own conceptual road map. Personally, I write my introductions last. That way, I know the flow and development of the final product. Be sure to link the introduction, with your thesis, and the conclusions. This is conducted in what I call the polishing stages (see below).

d. The Thesis Statement. Let’s define what a thesis is. A thesis is a theoretically consistent set of linked propositions that underpin the entire body of your paper. In short, the thesis is the conceptual locomotive of the paper. The thesis statement shapes and molds everything that is to follow. Note that it should appear no later than page 2 of your paper.

e. The Body of the Paper. This is where you make sure that you address all aspects of the research assignment. This is typically, the least problematic area in the writing division of labor. But be careful to fully develop all relevant facts and interpretations here.

f. Conclusions. Your conclusions should not come as a surprise to the reader. The conclusions are the final opportunity to forcefully press home your conceptual and theoretical points that you have prior introduced and developed. Don’t be timid here–at the same time don’t go overboard. Think of your conclusions as a final summation of the entire assignment. Make sure that you have fully addressed the questions you set you would in the introduction and in the thesis. Finally, make sure that the introduction, thesis, body, and conclusions all dovetail one another–the paper at this point should no longer appear as a project of loosely connected parts–it should be an entirely seamless product.

g. The Polishing Stage. After you are convinced that have finished the above, take a day off. That’s right, take a day off. Then pick up the then final draft and begin to address the grammar and presentation issues of your work with a fine tooth comb (obviously you have not ignored these aspects up to now, but its now time to polish and shine the final product). Make sure that what you have constructed is forceful, clear, and concise. Don’t use jargon, or “big” words that you don’t normally use. Make sure that there are no spelling errors, no instances of poor grammar, etc. I believe that there is no separation between what are deemed issues of “style” as opposed to “substance.” Step aside from your paper for a while (at least half a day) for hopefully the final time (at least for this assignment). Now read your paper aloud, or better yet, get someone to read it aloud for you, while you are present. Any final problems? No? Then hand in your completed paper

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