Explaining the macroeconomic rationale for a strategy of “forward guidance”.

| April 22, 2014

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Shortly after his appointment in 2013, the new Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney implemented a strategy of “forward guidance”. When presenting this strategy he said that the Bank would not consider raising interest rates until the unemployment rate has fallen to 7% or below.
However, that link could be put aside if the inflation rate threatens to rise above 2.5% in the medium term.
Write an essay, not exceeding 1500 words, explaining the macroeconomic rationale for this strategy. Your analysis MUST include use of the closed economy IS-LM model. However, you may in addition use any other macroeconomic models or concepts covered in this course.
Important: You must include at least two line diagrams in your essay, although equations may also be used. If you do not include diagrams in your essay, you will not receive a pass mark.
Writer needs to use the line diagrams in IS-LM model separately or together.
Diagrams from aggregate demand also can be used
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