explain the the similarities and differences between ifrs written assignment thus fa 3268153

Explain the the similarities and differences between ifrs

Written Assignment
Thus far in class we’ve talked about many interesting topics in international accounting including international accounting standards, the history of accounting, IFRS vs. US GAAP, the FASB Codification, convergence, harmonization, foreign currency, financial reporting and international taxation. It’s time to dive deeper into one of the topics with this assignment. In 4-6 pages (12-pt type, double-spaced) please choose your favorite topic thus far and write a research paper on that topic. Remember to include a reference page, which is included in the page count. Here are some suggestions of what you could write about:
• The history of accounting and the accounting profession
• The similarities and differences between IFRS and US GAAP.
• IFRS adoption around the world, one country or a region.
• The history of the SEC’s support for IFRS
• International taxation or taxation in a specific country or region of the world. This could include the history of taxation in that country or region
• Convergence vs. harmonization
• International financial analysis
• Accounting for foreign currency.
Be creative! If you don’t like one of the above topics, please pick your own. If you can’t think of one, email your professor for some suggestions.

Explain the the similarities and differences between ifrs
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