Explain the growth of Islamophobia in Europe since the 1970s

| February 9, 2014

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There are two topics to choose from: 1) Explain the growth of Islamophobia in Europe since the 1970s. Choose two countries and explore xenophobia and Islamophobia. 2) Discuss the identity of European Muslims in Europe. Choose two countries or regions and explain the interaction between Muslim self-representation, European nationalisms, and Islam. Please choose one of these topics. I NEED a minimum of 7 academic sources. Thesis and Argumentations are a must.
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The paper generally focuses on the growth of Islamophobia in Europe since the 1970’s and also explores Xenophobia and Islamophobia in France and Germany and the existing arguments on the two concepts by various critics. Introduction The word Europe alone brings out a variety of negative and positive connotations. It has not only been seen as geographic but also as a normative power. It is the foundation of diverse philosophies and political views, concepts and ideas which in the current centuries have helped change and shape the world. It is the continent in which the revolution of French arose, demanding for equality, liberty and fraternity and also was the source of the modern day democracy yet it was the starting point for two world wars. It is in Europe where fascism and Nazism were born and also it’s in this continent where communism and capitalism emerged from. The end of cold war and the emerging victory of the capitalism system in the west brought to an end the frightening enemy ??‚Äúcommunism. Now the European Nation desperately needed a new enemy and was easily found. The rising up of the Islamic Revolution in Iran from 1979 and the regime of Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan posed as a new opponent to the European Union…ORDER NOW
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Discuss the identity of European Muslims in Europe


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