Explain in detail what it is that you do to support the mission of your command organization.

| June 19, 2015

1. Explain in detail what it is that you do to support the mission of your command organization. Do not recite your job functions, but rather consider what are the key attributes you bring to the job that contribute to mission success.

Our command is responsible for the procurement needs of South Korea and Japan and writes contracts to acquire services, supplies, and construction in support of various missions. I am a Contract Specialist who assists the war fighter in obtaining procurement needs to complete their mission in South Korea by writing service contracts for the South Korean Peninsula. Sometimes the contracts I write are in direct support for the many field exercises that our command supports, such as Foal Eagle and Key Resolve where the US and the Republic of Korea (ROK) forces come together annually and conduct trainings to defend South Korea and strengthen alliances. I also support contingency exercises such as Tendon Valiant in Indonesia which is a Medical Readiness Training Exercise that supports local people in various areas by providing medical aid. Other contracts I write are for the Garrison environment such as security guards, custodial, etc. I support the mission by meeting the procurement needs of the war fighter for day to day needs, training exercises, and contingency exercises. If I am unable to assist in meeting the mission needs the soldiers are in danger of not being able to complete the mission or exercise or may not acquire the services needed to conduct day to day operations. Sometimes our services come from the US and there are regulations that we must follow in accordance to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that must be considered in procurements. If these procedures not adhered to not only is it detrimental to the mission but the vendor is at stake as well. Each procurement involves many people and I orchestrate these service procurements. Once the services are procured I also administer the contracts to assure that the contract is completed accordingly and contractors get paid timely.

2. What skills/characteristics are your strengths as team member?

In Korea it’s an asset to be able to speak and comprehend English well and I do both as English is my native language. I am also very well organized, helpful, proactive, and flexible to name a few other strong attributes. I have great organization skills in that I keep my electronic calendar up to date and have reminders set for follow ups on emails and other events. I keep a clean organized desk and my file cabinets are organized as well. I am helpful with members within my organization as well as customers outside our organization. I help team members grow by mentoring them and teaching them how to do various procurements or simply knowledge sharing. I assist customers when I receive a procurement package by communicating with them throughout the procurement process. I keep them very well informed of my status from inception when I send my introductory email all the way through the end of the procurement. I am proactive in assisting people who may not be my direct customer. If they have inquiries, many times they feel free to reach out to me for advice or guidance. I assist them and get them going in the right direction and provide them several POCs that they can reach out to meet their mission needs. I am approachable and easy to talk to which many customers find helpful when they are frustrated with the contracting process and they need someone to assist them. I also have many people who reach out to me because I communicate well. Sometimes our customers have difficulty in communicating with the local nationals (Koreans) that we work with who may be the person who is working their procurement so I assist in communicating where needed.

3. What skills/characteristics as a team member would you like to improve?

Skills and characteristics that I would like to improve upon are confidence and speed. I feel that I don’t know everything and sometimes when presented with a situation I feel that I am confident initially but then am convince of a disputing person’s view resulting in me second guessing myself. Later on when I research the issue I usually find that I am correct or not far off from being correct. I especially lack confidence when someone who is over me discusses issues, concerns or situations. I may even be thinking about the same outcome but may not have thought about a small aspect of that outcome or another possible solution which renders me to have a lack of confidence. I am usually gullible so I take everything that people say at face value, as golden, that they know what they are talking about and couldn’t possibly be wrong which hinders my thought process leaving me to doubt myself. As for speed I think I’m average in my procurements, however, I have a facet to me which is perfectionism and if my procurement isn’t “just right” or my documents aren’t worded they way I like it I keep going back to perfect it or re-checking it. This I know causes delays at least in my mind and I would like to improve upon that and if ever asked if I did something to be able to say, “Oh, I already did that.”

4. Talk to you supervisor about your strengths and weaknesses as a team member. You may use the article “Characteristics of Effective Teams” as a reference source in your discussions with your supervisor. Document your discussion with your supervisor based on what s/he feels you do well and what do you need to improve.

Usually to my surprise my supervisors always have more nice things to say about me than I expect. One time I
had a mid-term review with one of my supervisors and he said, “If we could just clone you…” and “if everyone in this office were like you..” which left me feeling good, but of course I tend to focus on my faults and try to improve them. I’ll start with the weaknesses (the short list) so I can end on a good note with the strengths (the long list). My weaknesses are pretty much in line with what I believe them to be. I’m told that I tend to doubt myself and lack confidence and I have elaborated on this as one of the things I’d like to improve upon. I am pretty successful at what I do and complete all my trainings and tasks but tend to hold myself back. I’m actually surprised to hear this because I thought it was a secret! Yes, I hold myself back. I do everything to progress but I am completely afraid of success and equally afraid to fail or “make the wrong decision.” I pass up applying for job opportunities fearing that I’m not good enough. I guess I’m in the right class to work on that weakness. As for my strengths I am told that I am extremely organized, very charismatic, a people person (sociable), a good listener, I grasp things quickly, I am very independent and can work well with a team, I’m smart, inquisitive, creative, dependable, not afraid to take risk, loyal and dedicated, I am flexible by working late if I need to, trustworthy, I embrace change, and I am accountable for my actions.

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