Experiences With Developing My Learning Objectives & My Teaching Plan

| April 9, 2015

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1. Summarize your experiences with developing your learning objectives, your teaching plan and creating your VoiceThread. Use the following as a guideline:
• Was this new information?
• Was the project difficult or easy, and why
• Can you see yourself using VoiceThread in the future? If so how, and if not, why?
2. Offer a self appraisal of how you did with your teaching project.
• Did you feel your teaching was effective? Why or why not?
• What would you do differently if you had to do it again?
3. Review the three initiatives discussed in your reading for week 7 and choose one area to comment on. What seemed important to you and why?

APA 4 pages2 references no older than 5 years.

Reading Resources



Nursing Experts Release Guiding Principles for Patient Engagement

Full Partners: Collaboration Across Professions Improves Patient Outcomes

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