Exenatide (short and long acting) verse. insulin glargin in type 2 diabets

| February 12, 2014

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-For the three articles, please evaluate each article individually by answering based on these questions:
1. What’s the endpoints of the study? Do the endpoints of the trial truly represent what is claimed as being studies or clinically significant? Why or why not?
2. What’s the statistical analyses? Be discuss the appropriateness of each statistical test used in the study. Are the statistic tests used to evaluate the data appropriate? What’s type of data is being assess (normial, ordinal, or continuous)if any? Is the effects size clinically relevant?
3. What’s are baseline characteristics? Is it appropriated? If not, would this affect the results.
4. What’s the efficacy of the study and results?
5. What’s safety/adverse events.
6. What’s limitation of the study if any.
Lastly, after critique these three articles, please come up a few “LEARNING OBJECTIVES” as you are going to presenting this topic to the audiences, what you want the audiences to know and/or to learn from? (Be concise with each objective.
-In addition, from the 3 articles, please provide recommendations to the audiences. Would you recommend exenatide over insulin as second therapy in treating type 2 diabetes? Why or why not? (Like is it apply for all population or just certain populations with high risk factors might benefit from it? Be more specific)
-Also, who is funding these study? Comment whether this can be bias or not bias in testing since they want the drugs to be market. If you think not, why not?
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