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| February 10, 2014

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You will be given a passage in Luke-Acts in which you will use and write out analytical observations on the text and create a complete outline of the passage based on exegetical method you have learned in this class.
1. Read and do beginning exegesis on Luke 4:1-14
2. Write a paragraph about some of the unique features you discovered while doing exegesis on your passage: e.g., any word symmetry? Repetition of words/phrases? Verb tenses, etc. Other interesting aspects of the passage that you noticed? See Analysis section of the appropriate Lecture Notes this week for all the features you can observe.
3. Discuss in another paragraph how this study has provided new insights and new questions for you about the passage.
4. Create a detailed structural outline of the passage (you can refer to Lecture B lesson for an example of Luke 11:28-32 for assistance of what to do and what not to do)
5. Make sure to include name, class, professor, assignment, and date on your paper, and number your pages with a header (The outline should be single spaced, but use double space for your paragraphs.).
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