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| June 19, 2015

Mountain View Realty

Project Description:
A coworker developed a spreadsheet listing houses listed and sold during the past several months. She included addresses, location, list price, selling price, listing

date, and date sold. You need to convert the data to a table. You will manage the large worksheet, prepare the worksheet for printing, sort and filter the table,

include calculations, and format the table.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:
Step    Instructions    Points Possible
1    Download the starting document.  Save exploring_e04_grader_h1.xlsx to the local computer, a jump drive, or a remote drive (eg: dropbox) as

lastname_firstname_e02_grader_h1.  When you are ready to begin working on the project, open the downloaded file that you named lastname_firstname_e02_grader_h1.

2    In the Sales Data worksheet, freeze the top row.    5
3    In the Sales Data worksheet, convert the data to a table and apply Table Style Medium 17.    6
4    In the Sales Data worksheet, remove duplicate records in the table.    5
5    In the Sales Data worksheet, insert a new field to the right of the Selling Price field. Name the new field Percent of List Price.    6
6    In the Sales Data worksheet, create a formula in cell E2  with structured references to calculate the percent of the list price. Format the field with Percent

Style with one decimal place in the range E2:E43.    6
7    In the Sales Data worksheet, insert a new field to the right of the Sale Date field. Name the new field Days on Market. Create a formula with structured

references to calculate the number of days on the market.    6
8    In the Sales Data worksheet, add a total row to display the average percent of list price and average number of days on market. Apply the General number format

to the average number of days on market as a whole number. Type Averages in cell A44.    10
9    In the Sales Data worksheet, sort the table by City in alphabetical order and add a second level to sort by Days on Market with the houses on the market the

longest at the top within each city.    8
10    In the Sales Data worksheet, select the Listing Date and Sale Date fields and set a column width of 11.00. Wrap the column labels in the range E1:H1.    6
11    In the Sales Data worksheet, repeat the field names on all pages.    5
12    Display the Sales Data worksheet in Page Break Preview and move the page break to occur between rows 26 and 27, and then change back to Normal view.    5
13    Display the Filtered Data worksheet. Convert the table to a range of data.    5
14    Filter the data to display the cities of Alpine, Cedar Hills, and Eagle Mountain.    6
15    Filter the data to display records for houses that were on the market 30 days or more.    5
16    Apply the 3 Arrows (Colored) icon set to the days on market values.    5
17    Apply the Light Blue Data Bar conditional formatting in the Gradient Fill section to the selling prices.    5
18    Create a new conditional format that applies Yellow fill (fourth color in the bottom row) and bold font to values that are higher than 98% for the Percent of

List Price column.    6
19    Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook: Sales Data, Filtered Data.  Save the workbook. Close the

workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.    0
Total Points    100

16235 Orange Boulevard    Cedar Hills     $395,000      $380,000     5/5/2016    7/16/2016
614 Lincoln Drive    Eagle Mountain     $475,000      $425,250     5/5/2016    9/23/2016
421 Ivy Lane    Eagle Mountain     $500,000      $425,000     5/5/2016    11/15/2016
765 East Sheridan Lane    Eagle Mountain     $460,750      $435,500     5/5/2016    11/1/2016
1414 N Sheridan Road    Alpine     $1,250,000      $1,225,000     5/12/2016    6/6/2016
487 Blue Skies Drive    American Fork     $365,750      $355,000     5/13/2016    8/15/2016
10700 Lake Shore Lane    Cedar Hills     $650,000      $598,000     5/15/2016    6/9/2016
73 East Oak Street    Eagle Mountain     $325,000      $325,000     5/18/2016    5/31/2016
73 East Oak Street    Eagle Mountain     $325,000      $325,000     5/18/2016    5/31/2016
3412 Kilmer Street    Lehi     $180,000      $175,000     5/23/2016    7/15/2016
77 East Oak Street    Eagle Mountain     $345,000      $335,000     5/23/2016    6/23/2016
1629 NW 43rd Street    Cedar Hills     $475,000      $450,000     5/31/2016    8/19/2016
3400 North Sunset Lane    Eagle Mountain     $400,000      $375,000     5/31/2016    7/15/2016
876 South California Way    American Fork     $316,000      $316,000     5/31/2016    6/30/2016

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