Excel Financial Statement Charts

| September 24, 2015

Excel Financial Statement Charts

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Instructions In this assignment you will explore Microsoft Excel’s ability to format and present business data obtained from the web. For the assignment, create a new Excel workbook, put your name in cell A1, and add the title “Unit 8: Excel Financial Statements Charts” to cell A2. Next, go to the website for the Fortune 500 company you selected for your course project in Unit 2, and obtain its annual report. This is often located in an area called something like “information for investors” or “about us.” Annual reports may be in a PDF format, in web-based tables, or even in an Excel. In the annual report you should be able to locate the company’s income statement and balance sheet. Copy the data from the income statement and balance sheet to your Excel workbook. Format the workbook so all entries are in Verdana font, size 10 point. Put row and column titles in bold. Create two charts by selecting the desired data and clicking on the required chart button from the Insert menu. The first chart should be a column chart that shows the company’s sales revenue over the past 3 to 5 years, depending on what is available in the annual report. The second chart should also be a column chart that shows the gross margin over the same time period for the Fortune 500 company I have selected CVS Caremark corporation . however, in cell A1 my name should be their which is Edith Gulama

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