| November 16, 2015

Course Guide Chapter 11, Problem 16 The settling velocity of a particle in a liquid can be estimated using Stoke’s Law, ?? = ?? 18 ( ?? − ?? ? ) ? 2 where ?? is the settling velocity (cm/s), ? is a dimensionless form factor reflecting the effect of the particle’s shape (for a sphere ? = 1.0), ? is the acceleration of gravity (981 cm/s2 ), ?? and ?? are the densities of the particle and liquid respectively (g/cm3 ), ? is the dynamic viscosity (g/cm/s), and ? is an effective particle diameter (cm). Create a User Interface Worksheet for the user to enter values of ?, ?, ??, ?? , ?, ??? ? into labeled and named input cells. Add a labeled and named output cell for the settling velocity. Create a Sub procedure to compute the settling velocityof silt particles settling in water that reads the user input values from the worksheet, performs all necessary calculations, and then writes the resulting velocity to the worksheet. Use the cell names to reference the worksheet cells. Test your Sub using the following input values: ?? = 2.65, ?? = 1.0, ? = 0.014, ? = 1.2, ? = 0.001 ?? Chapter 11, Problem 12 When energy is added to a fluid (liquid or gas), the temperature of the fluid increases. An equation describing this phenomenon is: ? = ??? △ ? Q is the amount of energy added (joules) M is the mass of the fluid (kg) Cp is the heat capacity of the fluid (joules/kg K) ΔT is the change in temperature (K or °C) A garage (24 ft x 24 ft x 10 ft) is illuminated by six 60-W incandescent bulbs. It is estimated that 90% of the energy to an incandescent bulb is dissipated as heat. Question: If the bulbs are on for 3 hours, how much would the temperature in the garage increase because of the light bulbs (assuming no energy losses). Create a User Interface Worksheet like the one shown below, and create a Sub procedure that reads the specified user inputs, performs all necessary calculations, and then writes out the results under “Calculated Information” section on your worksheet.

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