Examining Myths about immigration and education

| December 15, 2015

Week 1 Assignment: Examining Myths about Immigration and Education Activity Description

Write a paper responding the statement and questions below.

In his research, Richard Rothstein found that during the immigration period from 1880 to 1915, few Americans succeeded in school, least of all immigrants; immigrants of all backgrounds did poorly. Instead, it was the children and grandchildren of European immigrants who fared well in school, but the myth that first-generation immigrants “made it,” at least in terms of academics, is firmly established in the public psyche. (Nieto & Bode, 2012). Use your text readings and library research to respond to this prompt. Answer these questions as part of your paper: •Do you think that this myth persists? •Why do you think the children of European immigrants did well? •Why is multicultural education important for all children? •What educational structures are in place now that might limit an immigrant child from doing well in school? Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages. Referenced: Minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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