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Attachments: MKT 392 TAKE HOME TEST
For this test, you will be able to choose 8 out of the following 10 questions. Please answer each question in detail, double spacing, 12 inch font, and Times New Roman. Please also make sure to follow proper APA Style, include: A cover page, cite all sources, and footnote when necessary. Please post your test to Live Text by Wednesday, October, 14th, 2015.

1 Rick Russell owns a small company that specializes in waste cleanup on the high seas. He believes that his company can grow dramatically if he can find foreign partners and investors. According to the events and trends cited in the text as affecting global business today, which of these trends would have the most impact on Mr. Russell’s business? Explain your rationale in detail.
2  Scott Web Services has decided to go international with their new anti-spam software. Using the International Marketing Task model shown in the text, discuss in detail, which factors will impact Scott Web Services the most as it gears up to pursue international expansion. 3
3 Japan and the United States will need 600 million immigrants between now and 2050 to keep the worker/retiree ratio from falling. What does this mean for our future planning efforts in the marketing arena? Explain in detail.
4 You have just been appointed as a special consultant to John Deere Tractor Company. John Deere believes that it is being closed out of markets in Brazil and Argentina because it is an American company and because deals have been cut with European tractor companies. According to the company, the situation has become very bad because the German and Danish governments are bribing agricultural officials in the two countries. In fact, it is rumored that great sums of land will even be ceded to Germany to encourage manufacturing. Use the concept of the Monroe Doctrine (and any corollaries) to justify petitioning congress to stop these foreign competitors and their governments. Explain in detail.
5 Tropicana, a well-known producer of juices, has just hired you to develop a list of geographical factors that might be important to a planned expansion move into Central America. You have decided to begin your effort with a list of eight important geographical factors that will eventually be investigated. Write out the eight categories and explain in detail why they were picked. 
6 What factors do you think have contributed for companies like Honda, BMW and Mercedes to switch from merely an export strategy to establishing their own manufacturing and distribution facilities within the USA? List at least 3 factors, and discuss in detail.

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improvement philosophy
300-word count for each question in your own words

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