Evolution of online banking

| February 16, 2014

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How to lay out your final Project – details.
• List of Contents
• 1.1 Introduction. Sets the scene, what is the subject area you are researching into? (c1/2 page)
Answer: EVOLUTION of Online banking.
• 1.2 Problem Statement. The key area of your research. Why are you looking at it? Is there an issue, problem, etc. (c1/2 page)
Answer: The area of focus is Security and privacy.
• 1.3 Background Survey – your Literature Review. This underpins your Project. What have others’ written about the subject. Do not just add a list. Use books, academic journals, trade journals, newspapers + summary of Lit. Review. Use Harvard method & be objective. (c3/4 or 1 page)
1.4 Proposed Approach, (Aims and objectives, Rational of the Research Questions,Research Methodology, Thoughts Process.
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