Evolution of Newspapers

| February 10, 2014

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Paper topic: We have explored the development of newspaper – from the first printing press to where newspapers are today. Begin with the starting point of newspapers, and write about the advancements that have come from the start to present time. For example in present days newspapers are accessible online. 1. Introduction – Tell me what you are writing about by Stating your Issue (make sure it is Mass Media related! – any questions, message me so I can review it for you) 2. Describe your issue — how it was in the past 20+ years ago. 3. Describe your issue — how it is today 4. Compare both past and present 5. Contrast both past and present 6. Explain why some of the changes occurred and why some things stayed the same 7. Conclusion Each student is required to explore a current event Mass Media issue and juxtapose this issue with the way the issue was addressed a minimum of 20 years ago. Similarities and contrasts should be derived from an intensive review of the issue in both an historical and modern context.
Sample Paper
A newspaper is a regular publication containing news of current affairs, diverse features, informative articles and advertising. It is normally printed on low grade, relatively inexpensive paper such as newsprint. This paper will seek to analyze the evolution of newspaper from the start to the present time. The history of newspaper takes us five centuries ago in Europe; there were merchants who would distribute newsletters which were handwritten comprising information regarding wars, economic condition and human interest stories. While this was the first form known of distributing written information, this was credited with the creation of the first newspaper in Germany in the late 1400’s. In the fifteenth century, a cross between a pamphlet and a cross was distributed among the people; the message contained extremely sensationalized stories along with description of the current news (Barber Para2). However, in America, the first newspaper appeared in Boston in 1690, entitled “Publick Occurrences”. The newspaper was published without authority and it was immediately suppressed and its publisher arrested and all the copies they had were destroyed…ORDER NOW
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