Evidence Based Practice Presentation

| February 14, 2014

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Give a 15 slide presentation to a group of state probation officials who do not know what evidence based practice means. Explain what it means and give some examples. The examples should be detailed enough to demonstrate what type of results you could expect from an EBP. Remember to include notes under each slide. The notes should be designed so you could give the presentation to someone who is unfamiliar with the topic, but could give the presentation from the notes. Finally, you should include APA citations.
Here are two websites that will help with the format of the presentation.

These are the requirements from the syllabus:
• APA style of writing,
• Title slide,
• References slide(s),
• End notes or foot notes if applicable,
• A minimum of 15 slides (not including title and reference slides.),
• Graduate level writing,
• A minimum of 5 APA References,
• Under each slide there is a Notes Section. Type information about that slide and lecture information as if it was orally giving the presentation in a face to face class. This will allow others to review each PowerPoint Presentation and read the lecture notes and learn from them. When the presentation is complete, someone not familiar with the topic should be able to give the presentation based on your notes.
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