Evidence Based Practice – Critical appraisal and journal club evaluations

| May 18, 2015

Evidence Based Practice – Critical appraisal and journal club evaluations

As part of the ALLH12006 journal clubs, you will critically appraise at least
eight journal articles reporting original research related to allied health. For
this assessment, you will submit your completed critical appraisal form and a
brief evaluative summary for two of the articles that you have critically
appraised. These evaluative summaries will be no more than 350 words each.
You will also submit a brief self-evaluation of the journal club process and
your learning as part of this process.
These two articles that you choose to appraise as part of your submission
must be of different study types, e.g. you cannot submit two articles reporting
randomized controlled trials investigating effects of intervention. Other than
this requirement you may select any two from the eight articles that you will
have appraised as part of the journal club process.
Your evaluative summaries should present a concise summary of the
research article, including the topic area, the research question/s, the
methods, the main results, and main conclusions. For each article you should
also provide an evaluation of the quality of the article. You should begin this
by stating your conclusion as to whether the research article represents high,
medium, or low quality evidence. You should then justify your decision by
identifying at least two strengths of the article and two possible limitations.
Your evaluation should be guided by the information extracted using the
critical appraisal tool. Your evaluative summary should ‘stand alone’ and you
should not rely on the reader having prior knowledge of the article or referring
to information presented within your critical appraisal forms. Each summary
should be no more than 350 words in length. Within such a restricted word
limit, you should avoid using direct quotations from the original articles as this will take up words and will not effectively demonstrate that you have
understood the articles (because you are not using your own words).
You should begin each evaluative summary on a new page and you should
begin by providing a full bibliographic reference for the article using APA
format. This reference information is not included within your word count.
Following your evaluative summaries of the two articles you should then
provide a brief reflective evaluation of your experience of the ALLH12006
journal club process. Within this section you are being encouraged to reflect
on how and why your knowledge and skills in critical appraisal have
developed. You should also consider the role of critical appraisal within allied
health and your discipline area. You may choose to discuss how effective you
found the process of collaborating with other students and reviewing their
thoughts on articles and whether and how doing this changed your ideas and
opinions on articles. This evaluation, should be kept general to the whole
journal club process and is not intended to be focused on the two articles you
have submitted as part of this assessment. This reflection should be no more
than 300 words in length.


To complete the 2 (CAT) Criticial appraial tools you will need to go to this website listed below. Fom there you choose the relevant tool to be used depending on what type of article was chosen and the appraoch desired to look at. ( http://www.casp-uk.net/#!casp-tools-checklists/c18f8

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