Everyday Life: Ordinary and Extraordinary: Learning Diary

| May 20, 2015

It is a learning diary so please follow the requirements below, thanks.

1. Use bibliography and in-text reference.
2. Please find the learning diary guideline which you can follow in the additional files.
3. Turnitin report will be used so please avoid plagiarism as much as possible.
4. It needs some photos that you may find on the Internet or taken by yourself.
5. In the guideline, it has mentioned the scrapbook. No need to worry about that.

Below is about the additional files that you can find.

1. Please find the related core readings and some references for the topics.
2. Week 2 and 3 are the theories that you must use in the diary, especially pay attention to Lefebvre and de Certeau.
3. There are three topics that you need to include in the diary which are week 6 (Changing habits), week 9 (Making love) and week 10 (Escape attempts). Basically each topic will be divided into no more than 1000 words. And my presentation topic is week 9 so please keep it as around 800 words and not to repeat my stuff in the powerpoint.
4. I also include 2 examples of learning diary in the past so you may have a look to see what is expected to have in the diary.

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