Event Management

| March 22, 2015

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Event Management
1. Introduction:
General definition of event management.
Event types. Example “Salalah Tourism Festival”
How to manage an event.
2. Content:
2.1.- Idea:
• What is the idea?
• Why to organize the event?
• What is the purpose of the organization?
• What’s new in the organization of the event?
2.2.- The formation and organization of work teams:
• Media Team.
• Management team and organization.
• Relations team.
• Marketing team.
• Security Team.
• Readiness and services team.
2.3.- The development of the action plan include all of:
• Identify the goals of the event.
• Prepare budgets.
• Preparation of construction and operation contracts.
• identify the tasks for each team.
2.4.- Declaration of the event date and brand:
• Event Declaration and dates.
• Action advertisements for the event.
• Establishment of an information center for the event.
2.5.- Event Marketing:
• Identify the levels of sponsorships.
• invite companies to sponsor the event.
• Develop sponsorship features publications, means of social communication, television and radio for the event that each company depending on sponsorship and advertising.
2.6.- Event processing site:
• The provision of various services.
• Facilitate the entry and exit operations.
• Provide various entertainment to attend.
2.7.-Social responsibility of the event:
• Provide jobs.
• Engagement of local companies.
• Highlight the traditional heritage of the area.
• Marketing tourist area.
2.8.- Volunteers management.
2.9.- The date of the event.
2.10.- Event evaluation:
• Obstacles.
• Positives.
• Negatives.
3. Conclusion:
• The importance of the event.
• Intended benefits.
• Recommendations.
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