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| February 10, 2014

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Analyze what poetic devices a poet uses (any one from the Unit One Poems document) to convey a certain message and evaluate the effectiveness of his/her approach. You will make critical conclusions about what the poem is saying, how the poem says it while using poetic devices, and why it’s important that the poem conveys that message.
*Gather interesting pieces of evidence and patterns of poetic devices from the poem that are clues leading towards your analysis of the poem’s larger message about love, youth, family, race, class, gender, etc. (see Student’s Guide p. 37-41)
*Craft a strong thesis. You can use the formula on the Thesis handout, or move beyond it, but your thesis must be concise, debatable, and should encompass the focal points of your argument.
Logically organize your evidence to support your thesis. You must lead me, as a reader, down the path of your thinking by pointing out landmarks (the evidence) on the way to an interesting, wider view (your argument). Use topic sentences and transitions to steer your argument towards its conclusion.
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