Evaluation Context of Safe to Sleep Campaign for SIDS

| April 23, 2014

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The description of the evaluation context places the object in its setting. Analyzing and understanding the evaluation context is an essential first step in an evaluation study. The context description must include the following components:
1. Title of object/ 1-2 sentence description of it/procedures used to gather information for it (how did you get the information that your description is based on?)
2. Purpose of the evaluation with rationale
3. Evaluation audiences/stakeholders and their concerts
4. Primary intended users of evaluation (specific people, not groups, from the audience/stakeholder list)
5. Evaluation questions (not data collection questions)-3 to 5 broad overreaching questions and the concerns upon which they are.
6. Constraints affecting the evaluation (e.g., ethics, politics, resources; not constraints on the program)
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