Evaluation analysis of the movie.

| March 27, 2014

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First Source that from the Oscar’s movie.
Second source that from any news with specific author name
Please watch any Oscar’s movie such as Gravity (you can check at http://oscar.go.com/nominees), pick one movie and write Evaluation analysis essay ^^ Thanks
Please pay attention on ELEMENTS OF FILM ANALYSIS such as Atmosphere (how the atmosphere affect the audience), Setting, Pace, or sound … please pick up only 3 elements to Evaluation analyses and exclusion plot.(http://spot.pcc.edu/~mdembrow/elements.htm).
2 Elements must have 3 specific example.
1 elements must have 2 specific example and including one movie review (from news) to put it in the paragraph and cite the source.
Please write clear thesis.
Do not use more than 4 quotes.
Do not use the word “I” in the paper.
Please use your own word.
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